Wednesday, March 18, 2009


What's the best thing since sliced bread? I would probably answer "freecycle".
My family constantly hears about my freecycle group but I'll introduce the rest of you to this great invention.
Freecyle is a group on Yahoo where you can offer items you would normally donate or throw away to other members of your group. You can then get replies and others can come pick up the items. This keeps items out of the landfill and also saves money for everyone. (I love the DI but sometimes it is easier for others to come get your stuff! I take anything that anyone doesn't want to the DI anyways.)
Another cool feature is that you can get things you want or need for FREE! I have received a tub, play chair, walker and babyproofing items all for Ryker. I am also the proud owner of 2 sets of binoculars and a DISHWASHER! The dishwasher which I just received needs a little work but we're hoping to fix it for cheap. What a steal! All the other items I have received are like new and I just wash them and they are good to go!
I just thought I would introduce this awesome group for spring cleaning. Take advantage, you can get some great stuff!

Click here for the main freecyle page.

Click here for the Utah-Idaho home page and to join our group!

Hope you all enjoy this great service! "One man's junk is another man's treasure!"

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